Thirteen Go To Sea

Thirteen Go To Sea

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You are holding a number of playing cards in your left hand. The cards are slowly counted from hand to hand, “One, two, three, four, five…” and so on, totalling thirteen.

Two cards are counted away and dropped into your pocket or an upturned hat, box, champagne bucket and so forth.

The cards are then counted again and prove to be, “One, two, three, four and five” and so on still with thirteen cards left!

To an intriguing line of patter the trick is repeated again and again. Thirteen cards are counted from hand to hand & cards are discarded. Still thirteen cards remain.

A surprising and novel effect by Tommy Tucker which has truly stood the test of time!

However, in our version the thirteen cards stand for thirteen crew members & passengers about to set out to sea but the captain of the ship is superstitious and won’t set out with thirteen people aboard – yet despite his best attempts to leave two crew-members behind the count is still thirteen each time he is ready to set sail!

Thirteen Go To Sea has everything, mystery, novelty and a creepy-style patter story with an unexpected finish.

It’s ideal either as an opening effect or for any spot in your magic show and is suitable for cabaret, clubs, television, theatre and of course cruise ships.

No sleight of hand is required; the secret is all in the set of special Bicycle Poker cards.

Comes with the special Bicycle Poker cards, instructions & routine.

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