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A baffling mental mystery using just a few coins and a matchbox! With just a few coins you will soon be performing two truly mind-blowing mysteries.

Prediction: Hand anyone your prediction and place four coins into the tray of a large matchbox where they are mixed together. Three of the coins are ten pence pieces while the fourth coin is your target coin a two pence piece. The coins can be freely examined. You also hand out a prediction or leave it in full view.

While your back is turned, a spectator takes each coin and slips them into different pockets. Your prediction is immediately read out loud and you have correctly predicted which of his various pockets the two pence coin has been hidden! A truly mystifying effect!

Murder: Four people take part and each freely selects one of the coins before hiding them inside their pockets. The murderer is the one who selects the two pence coin.

Incredibly, not only do you discover the ‘murderer’ with your psychic detective powers, but also you correctly name the pocket where he has hidden the tell-tale evidence. A powerful mental classic now made so easy to do!

Comes with the special something & instructions. Use your own coins and a large household sized matchbox.

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