Murder Mania

Murder Mania

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'Tis murder! Here is a fantastic routine in two parts, using laminated pictures of fictional Murderers & Victims.

•Two spectators each receive a set of different laminated Police file pictures of both Murderers and their Victims and despite their having a free choice of how they deal them out – they always succeed in exactly matching each Murderer with their Victim.

•In the second part of the routine they both deal their pictures into any sort of order – and when they are shown once more, each and every Victim matches their Murderer exactly!

•No fakes or sleights of any kind are used. The magic happens whilst everything is in their hands.

•It is difficult to give this routine the write-up it deserves as the double effects are absolutely stunning!

•The laminated picture cards are a little larger than Poker sized playing cards and suitable for close-up, TV and small audiences. Magical murder mysteries are always popular and this is one of the best.

•A chilling mystery thriller for all ages – get yours NOW!

Comes complete and ready to perform with laminated cards, routine & instructions.

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