Adair's Izi Izi It's So Fizzy

Adair's Izi Izi It's So Fizzy

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The perfect children's show effect with a 'Do as I do' theme! Displaying two large picture cards, each having the image of a full bottle of orange drink positioned upright, and on both sides, you ask a child to assist.

You state that the drink is a brand new one on the market, called IZI, and explain that we should all look out for the little jingle on television, "Izi-Izi – it’s so Fizzy!"

Lots of fun here getting the children to recite this and getting it all mixed up yourself.

You hand the child one picture card plus a stiff cardboard sleeve which has a band of colour across its top and bottom.

You also have a similar sleeve, but with a different band of colour.

“Make sure the necks of your bottles are upright, like mine, when you slide it inside,” you instruct.

The child now copies the simple actions of the performer by revolving his sleeve once, twice and three times.

When the picture cards are removed, the bottles on your card remains upright while the child’s bottles are upside down.

Both cards are positioned upright again and the procedure is repeated two more times – the child’s bottles always ending up the opposite way!

Finally the child does it on his own, the bottle card is slid inside with its base upright. The child revolves his sleeve only twice this time, and believe it or not the bottles end up with their necks being upright!

Your audience give the child a nice big round of applause.

Packs flat in your case but plays big. Reset in a moment.
Very clever principle. Easy to do.

Comes complete with the special cards (approx 6" x 8.5"), sleeves & illustrated instructions.

Only £14.99

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