Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

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Under the fairest conditions one card is freely named and a second card is freely selected yet you have correctly predicted them both!

Picture this dramatic effect in your mind; you ask any spectator to merely think of any playing card in a deck of fifty-two and you write your mental impression on a small piece of paper.

A second prediction is also written and both predictions are left in full view.

The first spectator’s card is removed from a face-up deck then you continue to deal cards face down until a second spectator calls stop.

The very card stopped at is placed face down alongside the first card.

Your first prediction paper is now read out loud by any member of the audience and you have correctly predicted his thought of card.

The second prediction is then read out loud by an audience member and when any spectator turns over the freely stopped at card this also exactly matches your prediction!

A double-barrelled magical miracle!

Please note the following points:
•The first spectator freely thinks of any card
•The second spectator freely stops you as you deal
•Cards are predicted in advance of being named
•Nothing could seem fairer to your audience
•No rough & smooth, wax or sticky stuff used
•This is NOT a Svengali-style principle
•Easy to do!

Comes with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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