Estimation - Mre

Estimation - Mre

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Please don’t under estimate this fabulous effect. You are getting the combined thinking of Arnold Liebertz, Rovi ‘The Welsh Wizard’ & Eddie Burke, bringing you one of the finest close-up & stand-up card effects ever!

You show a full pack of well-mixed playing cards back and front.

Anyone cuts the packet of cards face down and drops them upon your open hand while you appear to weigh them. You announce your estimate as say, “Exactly twenty-seven cards!” The cut off cards are immediately counted out loud and one at a time – there are exactly twenty-seven cards.

Please note that the cards are genuinely counted – no false counts or sleight of hand is involved at any point in the routine.

The effect is immediately repeated – let’s suppose that this time there are forty-three cards and once again you are correct down to the very last card; despite a prediction that you made which seems to be incorrect!

The numbers are NOT forced in any way and the spectators can cut off any number of cards they wish yet you are always 100% correct with your estimated number, even magicians won’t have a clue as to how you do it as the cards are repeatedly shown front and back.

Finally another lot of cards are cut off the pack – and again the spectator can cut anywhere, no restrictions, only this time not only do you announce the correct number of cards but you also correctly name the very card they have cut to in the pack!

Remember no sleight of hand or memory work is required & very easy to do.

Comes complete with a pack for you to use straight away & instructions on how to prepare your own pack of cards (no short cards, cutting or shaving is required).

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