The WonderFool Chop Cup

The WonderFool Chop Cup

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Watch the master of magic Paul Daniels perform the Chop Cup on YouTube. You will like it - a lot!

Without a doubt this robust chrome-coloured plastic Chop Cup is the best low-cost pocket-sized Chop Cup that we have seen for a long time.

A ball penetrates through an examined cup.

The ball is dropped in your pocket and magically reappears under the cup.

You can repeat this a couple of times if you wish.

The ball is once again dropped in your pocket, but this time when the cup is lifted a large ball of a different colour or a lemon, tomato or onion is found under the cup!

Easy to do!

Comes with the special Chop Cup (approx 2.75" high x 1.75" in diameter, 7 x 4.75cm) two balls; one magnetic, one ordinary & instructions. Use your own larger ball or vegetable for the surprise finish.

Only £6.99

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