Tre-Mental Test

Tre-Mental Test

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Read three spectators’ minds close up! Show three pieces of card about the size of visiting cards & if you wish have them examined then use these to read the minds of complete strangers.

The effect: Pointing to a gentleman you ask him his first name and write it boldly so that everyone can see, on one side of a blank card.

Turn the card over and ask the spectator to simply think of the Christian name of the girl he first kissed.

Pausing for a moment you write something on the opposite side of the card.

Only then does the gentleman reveal the name he has in mind and this you record underneath his own name for all to see.

This sequence is then repeated with a second gentleman in your audience; except he thinks of the registration number of his first car & again you write on his card your mental impressions.

Finally, a lady is asked to think of the name of a flower which after suitable concentration you write your impressions on the card on which you have written her name.

Please note: All three people have a perfectly free choice and you don’t have to stick to the tests suggested above; the selections can be varied according to your audience and the function at which you are performing.

Any spectator takes the three cards and reads out your results, perhaps except for a little showmanship error, you prove to be 100% correct!

•No pre-show work or gimmicks involved
•Only ordinary cards & a pen or pencil are used
•No stooges, impressions or peeking
•Ideal for psychic table-hopping
•Use it for close-up, stage, cabaret or TV
•Easy to do!

The full secret of this show-stopping apparently Psychic demonstration is explained in our Mr. E Booklet.

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