Mug Shots!

Mug Shots!

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Mug Shots! is one of the few methods in mentalism that fulfils the requirements for a sound all-around practical mental feature suitable for every occasion.

Three members of your audience each secretly adopt one of the titles of three master criminals these being Burglar Bill, The Mad Professor and Cheating Chang.

You empty all your valuables from about your person piling up on the table; your watch, credit card, ring, wallet and money. Each of the villains secretly steals one of your five precious articles and hides it in their pocket.

In the interrogation of the three villains, during which they give you absolutely no clues, you can immediately reveal not only the villainous title each one has adopted –but also the valuable article they have and exactly where it is hidden about their person!

·A truly staggering effect that is easy to do – the special secret something that we supply does all the work for you.
·Perfect for close-up, television, stand-up or stage.

Supplied complete with special laminated mug shots, performance scripts and a special something, so that it is all ready for you to perform.

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