Powers of Persuasion

Powers of Persuasion

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Powers of Persuasion is the ideal effect to feature in your mentalism or hypnotic shows.

Talking about the persuasion techniques used by advertisers, politicians, religious leaders and others you offer a demonstration using their methods using a number of vintage advertisements that should be familiar to most people in your audience.

You show a single red backed card on which you explain is a well-known advertisement used in the past and you are going to try to persuade an audience member to choose a duplicate of this advert from a mixed set of five.

Showing five different vintage advertisements of things like beer, chocolate, biscuits and so forth you read out loud the copy that went along with each one and a spectator is requested to simply think of the one that appeals to them the most.

They have a free choice and can change their mind as many times as they wish, finally once they are 100% satisfied with their free choice they name their freely chosen advertisement out loud for everyone to hear.

You prove that their choice was far from random, for when the prediction card is turned over it is an exact match of the advert the spectator has just named!

•No counting or spelling, the spectator’s choice is absolutely free.
•Only one prediction card is displayed, no duplicates or switching.
•The prediction is different at every performance.
•Use anywhere in your act as it is always ready to perform.

Comes with the large 5.75” x 8” picture cards, full routine & instructions.

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