Just One More Thing ...

Just One More Thing ...

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Based on an idea by Sid Marshall, updated & properly explained by Eddie Burke

“Just one more thing ...” is one of the few methods in mentalism that has all the elements you require for your close-up, cabaret and stage performances.

Three members of your audience are invited forwards to play the parts of famous TV detectives; Columbo, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, they each secretly select which character they wish to play.

A number of everyday objects such as a wallet, a watch, a ring, a banknote and a credit card are all borrowed from the volunteers or other members of the audience and placed on a table or tray in full view.

While your back is turned each “detective” selects one of these objects and hides it about their person.

You then turn around and immediately start to read minds correctly revealing which detective each spectator is playing and also the object each has concealed!

Baffling beyond words this is a true reputation maker and once learned the simple properties can be carried in your pocket so you can perform this anywhere – anytime.

Very little to remember, no sleights, a performance piece among the best of the best & easy to do. Highly recommended.

The basic premise was worked upon by Sid Marshall and has stood the test of time.

Eddie has simplified it and brought it bang up to date so you can and will add it to your repertoire today!

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