Name That Baby

Name That Baby

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Based on Eddie’s sensational ‘Who Loves Ya Baby’, this superb piece of close-up magic is ideal for small audiences and walkabout situations. Re-sets in a moment for repeat performances.

You show a large envelope with a single large card popping out of its top. This you claim is your prediction. It is left in full view. Now you introduce a number of cards each of which have the names of well known TV or film stars written upon them, pointing out that most of them have passed away. Please note: Each card has a different name on it; no duplicates. The cards are completely unfaked.

Giving the cards a brief shuffle, you ask for a number between “One and ten” Again no force, they can actually give you any number – including one and ten. The card at this number is counted to and handed to the spectator. Let us say it has the name Elvis Presley on it. This is announced aloud so that everyone is aware of the chosen star.

Taking the Prediction Envelope you remove your picture showing a comical but cute drawing of a baby on it – which you claim is a picture of Elvis “when he was six months old!” This is an old gag that has stood the test of time! It always results in a big laugh from even the hardest of audiences.

You pause to allow the laughter to subside – then you hit them with your bombshell. Explaining that most people don’t take your prediction seriously, you claim that this really is a picture of Elvis at a young age. To prove it you have written his name in bold letters under the picture. So saying, you remove the bottom of the card from the envelope for all to see that it does indeed say ELVIS PRESLEY across its base. A truly startling climax!

Comes complete and ready for you to work. Very easy to do. Laminated cards for long life.

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