Joker Queen Mystery

Joker Queen Mystery

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An entertaining mystery with a classic find the lady theme, an amusing line of patter and the magical change of the Queen of Hearts into the Joker using large sized jumbo cards!

Find the lady is always extremely popular and in this wonderful stand-up themed jumbo card trick your audience try to find the Queen of Hearts mixed up together with three Two of Spades cards.

The jumbo Queen is turned back outwards together with one of the spot cards and then all four are mixed together.

You now invite an audience member to find the face down Queen.

She may have a bit of luck in doing so at first but then suddenly to a neat line in patter she magically changes into a Joker only to have the queen reappear inside your pocket or some other unlikely place!

This is a great stand-up trick using laminated jumbo cards approx 5.5” x 7.5” that can be clearly seen on even large stages.

Full faces of the cards are seen and no half cards, fake indices or flaps are used.

Comes complete with the well-made laminated jumbo cards (approx 5.5” x 7.5”), suggested routine & instructions.

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