Nelson Style Clip Switch

Nelson Style Clip Switch

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Believed to have been invented by Bob Nelson of Nelson Enterprises USA this clever devastating aid for mentalists and magicians is available again.

With its aid you can undetectably and almost automatically change or switch paper and card billets for another one enabling you to perform many stunning E.S.P style mysteries.

For example: A prediction paper clipped into a 2.5” (67mm) bulldog/Boston style clip is hung on a cord around a spectator’s neck where everyone can keep their eye on it.

Any spectator is asked to name their favourite colour of the rainbow, let’s suppose she chooses red.

The prediction paper is taken from the bulldog clip and anyone can unfold it and read out your prediction which reads:

The lady’s favourite colour is RED!

With its aid you can easily predict almost anything that you wish, colours, names, words, zodiac signs and whatever can be written on a slip of paper or card.

We provide you with many clever ideas to get you started but you will soon be inventing many more for yourself using this practical and easy switching device.

This is a must-have easy to use gimmick for the mentalist or magician.

Comes with the specially gimmicked bulldog clip, a number of card billets to get you started & instructions.

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