Magic Blank Deck - Low Cost

Magic Blank Deck - Low Cost

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This is a super low cost version of the ever-popular Nudist Deck made with bridge sized cards which are easier to handle with small hands.

You show a pack of blank cards drawing attention to the fact that all the cards are blank on both sides.

As you talk about magic printing suddenly a face appears among the blanks only to vanish again.

Now briefly a card back design magically appears among the blanks, but not for long for they are all seen to be blank once more.

So you concentrate and also ask your audience to think of the names of playing cards in a regular deck.

Then suddenly it happens - all the blank cards change like magic into a deck with both faces and backs.

But no - as soon as your audience stop visualising the cards have all change back to all blanks for your climax!

Alternatively, you can start with what appears to be a regular deck of playing cards and magically cause them to become all blanks.

Needs a little handling practice but fairly easy to do.

Also available on our website (when in stock) to professional standards under the name of Bicycle Mental Photography Deck made from quality Bicycle Poker sized cards.

Magic Blank Deck comes with the special pack of cards & instructions.

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