Black Magic

Black Magic

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Pattering about the power of black and white magic often used to bind a loved one to you, you propose a demonstration using a few playing cards.

You show two matching sets of four black-faced playing cards, let us say the four threes with the suits of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

One set is secured with a rubber band and a spectator drops it safely in to his pocket.

Any spectator touches the back of any card in the other set, let's say this is the three of clubs.

The first spectator takes out the banded duplicate set and, without your going anywhere near them, spreads them out faces down, the duplicate of the selected card is the only card that is face upwards in this packet!

The chosen card varies with each performance which makes it ideal when table-hopping.

Is it coincidence, Voodoo, black or white magic? the presentation of this clever trick is up to you. No extra cards are used and everything can be left with the audience for careful examination.

Comes with a set of the necessary quality Bicycle black-faced poker sized playing cards & instructions.

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