Psychic Card Prediction

Psychic Card Prediction

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Al Koran’s brilliant Five-Star Prediction now performed with a regular deck of cards, even a borrowed one!

This amazing effect is straightforward and easy for your audience to follow.

A regular deck of playing cards is introduced and shown to be just a mixed pack of 52 cards.

The cards are dealt and counted one by one until a spectator calls stop.

At this point a single card is chosen and proves to be a match to the only card in your prediction envelope!

The deck can be left with your audience for examination without a clue to how the trick was done.

•Uses a normal deck that may be borrowed.
•The chosen card is different at each performance.
•No pre-show or stooges required.
•Positive result every time.
•Easy to do!

Comes with the special something that makes it possible & instructions. Use your own normal pack of playing cards.

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