Adair's Jig-Saw Aces

Adair's Jig-Saw Aces

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An easy to do, self-contained trick by the ever-fertile mind of Ian Adair.

This is a nifty close-up effect using four playing cards; the four aces of Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds.

A spectator assists you by eliminating the aces until only one remains.

Right at the last moment, when only two aces are left on the table, you explain that whichever one is pointed to, that one will be eliminated leaving the final ace.

Let's say the spectator leaves the Ace of of Diamonds. The four aces are now reversed back upwards and assembled in jig-saw fashion making a complete image which states:
'Your Choice', and with a single giant red diamond in the central position!

What is more, had the spectator selected that other card your prediction would still be correct!

Jig-Saw Aces is a surprising and unexpected prediction effect that can be carried in your wallet and performed at the drop of a hat anywhere-anytime without any advance preparation as it is always ready to perform; a guaranteed baffler.

Comes with four bridge sized aces & instructions.

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