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Effect Number One: Three different coloured cards are passed for close examination and the spectator lays them out in a row. While your back is turned the spectator seals any one of the three colours into an envelope and places the other two coloured cards into separate pockets.

Immediately and without turning back to face the spectators you can announce which colour card is inside which pocket and which is inside the envelope. The envelope and cards can immediately be passed for examination without a clue to how your mystery was performed.

Effect Number Two: You turn your back and the examined three cards are stacked one on top of the other and sealed inside an envelope. Holding the sealed envelope to your head as if concentrating you name the three colours let us say in the order Red, Blue and Yellow.

The envelope is immediately torn open and the audience will be amazed to see that the three cards are indeed stacked in the Red, Blue and Yellow order. Everything can at once be carefully examined.

Effect Number Three: Spectator shuffles his own pack of cards and makes a free selection of one while your back is turned. The freely selected card is sealed face down into a small envelope so that the entire audience are satisfied that you cannot possibly get a glimpse of it.

Slowly – but without any mistakes or hesitation, you correctly reveal the exact card that the spectator is concentrating upon. When the envelope is torn open everyone can see that you are spot on – and everything can be left with your audience to examine to their heart’s content.

Please note the following, which apply to ALL these effects:
·No stooges or confederates. No magnets, no beads or rice.
·Cards are unfaked and they are all the same size and shape.
·Everything left in the audience’s own hands at the finish – no extra gimmicks to dispose of. Perform it blindfolded!
·No forcing – uses simply properties and easy to do.

Comes with instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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