Coin in Sleeve Holder

Coin in Sleeve Holder

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This useful metal gimmick is not just for use to hold a coin inside your sleeve and then to secretly release it prior to your magically producing it, but it is ideal to hold many other small items as well!

How many times have you had to sleeve a coin to magically produce it from a child's ear or from under a playing card and found yourself either without a suitable coin or the advanced preparation is not possible?

Our special Coin in Sleeve Holder will fit inside the sleeve of your jacket and hold a coin, even a jumbo one, in place all day if necessary until the time is right to release it into your sleeve and then secretly into your hand for you to work your magic.

It not only holds coins safely in place until required but other small articles such as a tea bag for the Tommy Cooper “have a drink on me” gag or a billet to switch in during your mentalism, or a balloon to magically repair a burst one for a crying child.

And not only from your sleeve but also secure and ready to steal from under your jacket or waistband perhaps adding two or three cards to the shuffled deck ready to force.

Furthermore it is also useful to vanish small objects without missing your aim or sleeve or accidentally dropping them on the floor.

These problems are all taken care of with this small versatile gimmick that you will use in so many different ways,we suggest several including a clever key bend and an "up the garden path" style coin trick; but you will soon be finding many, many more!

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Comes with TWO Coin in Sleeve Holders, accessories & instructions.

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