Well, Well, Well

Well, Well, Well

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“My grandmother was a famous fortune-teller and whenever one of her predictions came true she always said, ‘Well, well, well!’

“So my grandfather built her three wishing wells in their garden and if you knew which one to drop a coin into and make a secret wish she guaranteed that wish would always come true!’

So starts the absorbing patter as you present this effect for your audience.

You show three laminated pictures of the three wishing wells each of a different colour these being red, blue and green, explaining that your grandmother has previously predicted the well that will grant the secret wish and a random spectator is invited to try it out.

The spectator secretly thinks of the colour of their choice and just inside their own mind makes a secret wish on their secretly chosen well.

Eventually they freely announce which of the three coloured wells they have secretly chosen and perhaps needless to say they have done very WELL indeed as they have actually picked the the very same colour of your grandmother’s predicted wishing well - to which the rest of the audience are encouraged to exclaim Well, Well, Well as they applaud this clever effect.

Furthermore, since your spectator did so WELL you now reveal your grandmother’s further prediction of how long they will have to wait before their secret wish will come true - bringing this entertaining item to an amusing finish!

*Based on a great idea by Len Belcher to which we hold the rights.
*Original routine by Eddie that just cannot fail with any audience.
*No sleights or skill is required so it’s easy to do!

Comes complete with all the props needed, cards (approx 150 x 200 mm) & instructions.

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