Words PSI

Words PSI

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A favourite effect of the late Al Koran, and one which he often used to stun audiences, was the Princess Card Trick.

Here we offer the same brilliant presentation but using large word cards. A feature effect as performed on television by both Al Koran and Romark.

You show a pack of twenty-seven jumbo sized cards on each of which is boldly printed a different word; the cards are all different and are laminated for long life.

A number of spectators are each passed a small mixed handful of cards and are asked to mix them thoroughly and then simply THINK of any word they wish from the cards that they now hold.

They again mix their cards and the full packet is reassembled which in turn is also thoroughly mixed.

You now start to read out the various words from the deck and then you suddenly pause, saying that you have the impression one or more of the participants have just heard their mentally chosen word named and would they please raise their hand.

At which point you ask the spectator no questions, but immediately and correctly identify the mentally thought of word and if you like give them a psychic reading of what this word means to them personally!

This is repeated without error until all the freely selected and mentally chosen words have been correctly identified.

Top entertainers who like the direct mindreading concept that this effect offers but who prefer NOT to use the usual playing cards will want to obtain this outstanding presentation straight away.

Comes complete with the pack of jumbo-sized laminated word cards & instructions.

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