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An improved model of Allan Lambie’s hilarious comedy gag.
Lambie’s gag is a very funny idea to get your audience laughing during your show but now we have turned it into a comedy card effect - the climax to which is also a great surprise!

You show an A5 sized envelope which contains your prediction and this is left in full view while a spectator selects a playing card.

Have the spectator name the card out loud, let’s say they name it as the “Two of Spades.” You boldly point to your prediction envelope as you announce, “How much do you bet me that this is it?”

No matter what their reply you remove a prediction card from the envelope that has the single bold word ‘IT’ printed upon it!

No description can do justice to the reaction this comedy prediction gag receives but when the laughter has calmed down you state, “No really, this is it … the prediction is on the opposite side!” and you turn the card around to show the other side has a bold picture of the Two of Spades – a guaranteed applause winner!

Perform it in your local wine bar and IT should earn you a drink or two!

The cards are laminated to give you a lifetime of use and both the IT cards measure approximately 5.75” x 8” large enough for stand-up and close-up shows and a good size to carry in your pocket when table-hopping or out socially.

Use your own favourite force for the selected card but we do supply a good easy to do force in our instructions.

Comes with two IT prediction cards (Two of Spades and Queen of Hearts), an A5 sized prediction envelope & instructions. Use any deck of playing cards.

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