Super X-Ray Scope - Close-up Model

Super X-Ray Scope - Close-up Model

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Back again after many years and now better than ever!

A spectator’s chosen card is mysteriously revealed by another spectator peering through the Super X–Ray Scope and the climax is a big laugh followed by enthusiastic applause from your audience.

Super X-Ray Scope is a big feature effect that you can perform anywhere; stage, cabaret, stand-up and close-up.

At first your spectator fails to name the card but then everyone is amazed when he does eventually name it and no one is more surprised than the two participating spectators!

Complete with Eddie’s hilarious presentation that he used for many years in which several cards are selected and he successfully names each one except that last card.

At this stage a spectator, who is not a stooge and has no idea of the last card, successfully names it!

It’s easy to do as well as terrific fun and entertainment.

Comes with two models of the laminated Super X-Ray Scope so that you can ring the changes for repeat performances and is supplied in two different sizes:

Close-up Model (two) measuring approx 5.5 x 7.75 inches
(14 x 20 cm).

Stage & Cabaret Model (two) approx 8.5 x 11 inches
(20 x 29 cm).

Super X-ray Scope ticks all the boxes; order the CLOSE-UP model by clicking here:

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