Adair's' Wizzy-Woo - The Wizard

Adair's' Wizzy-Woo - The Wizard

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A marvellous wizard called Wizzy-woo
Performs magic that others can’t do
He’s won many cups and all sorts of prizes
For vanishing things of all shapes and sizes.

One for the children about a very clever wizard called Wizzy-Woo.

Three large cards display images of bottles, jars and phials which would be found in his laboratory – CHANGING POTION (which can change people into monkeys), WOOFLE DUST (when sprinkled, can make people float in mid-air) and VANISHING LIQUID (when poured over people can make them disappear!).

All three cards are popped inside a brightly coloured stiff envelope, which has a cut-out window at the front.

The children respond to all of the potions as they are shown, calling out their names and magical Properties.

You remove two of them these being the Changing Potion and the Woofle Dust.

You state that Wizzy-Woo, the clever magical wizard will make the VANISHING LIQUID completely disappear.

Facing the audience, you don't realise that the back of one card (the Vanishing Liquid one) is showing through the cut-out window, but the children do and soon let you know with all the usual business!

However when you eventually reverse the card showing it full on you state: “It really has vanished…and here instead is a picture of that very clever wizard called Wizzy-Woo!”

A full coloured picture of the wizard himself is shown and the envelope is displayed as now being empty.

Comes with all the colourful cartoon style cards (approx 15 x 21cm (5.75" x 8.25") printed on 'silk' stock, special colourful card window envelope, routine & instructions.

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