His Card - Her Card - Two of Hearts model

His Card - Her Card - Two of Hearts model

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Comedy magic is here to stay and is always very popular. His Card – Her Card is a sure-fire comedy routine that will create a hilarious laughter situation in all your shows or close-up performances.

You show a large envelope, which is left in full view that you refer to as your emergency envelope, in case anything goes wrong.

A member of your audience selects a playing card and shuffles it back into the pack sight unseen by you and you attempt to find it several times but unfortunately without success.

If you wish this could be a running gag throughout your performance, with your coming back to it again and again or you can prefer to concentrate on the one trick that appears to have gone wrong.

No matter, eventually you remember the emergency envelope and claim that a prediction written inside will reveal the gentleman’s card and ask him to call out its name – let’s say he names, “The two of hearts!”

Confidently you pick up the emergency envelope asking your audience, “Will you all be surprised if his card is inside?” No matter what they reply you take a large laminated card (29 x 20 cms) out of the envelope and show in large letters the words HIS CARD.

Following the laughs and groans this produces you continue, “Some of you will be thinking what if a lady had chosen the card; well we are ready for any emergency!” So saying you turn the card around to show in large letters on the opposite side it says HER CARD.

Still you continue, “And for those that don’t get the joke what about this then ...” and you are seen to be holding a giant sized Two of Hearts (29 x 40 cm) for your climax!

Comes with the large envelope, prediction card that drops open to reveal a large duplicate of the Two of Hearts & instructions.

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