Adair's Magical Murder Mystery

Adair's Magical Murder Mystery

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A crime scene of murder weapons - solved! Magical Murder Mystery is a close-up effect filled with mystery.

Unfortunately most murder cases are never solved unless a body or weapon is found. In this self-working trick you can always reveal the selected 'weapon' used in the pretend crime.

Five poker sized round cornered cards are displayed. Each bears an illustration of a crime weapon; GUN, KNIFE, COIL OF ROPE, JAR OF POISON and a LEAD PIPE. The reverse of the cards are all exactly the same, illustrating a magnifying glass.

You set the crime scene and the suggested patter supplied outlines the plot. After the five crime cards have been displayed they are handed to a spectator to mix up. Then with the weapon sides face down the spectator FREELY selects one - any one.

Despite this you can always immediately reveal the actual crime weapon chosen!

Can be repeated over & over again. All the cards can be examined for secret marks (there are none). No sleights or sneaky moves, no extra cards only five are used. No rough & smooth, very easy to do and self-contained.

ANOTHER completely different effect can also be performed using the same set of cards and using a different principle.

This one involves a prediction sealed inside an envelope which is on view at all times. Your prediction is always 100% correct and a different one can be used for repeat shows.

A touch of 'Cluedo' involving two mysteries in one; a crime mystery and a magical one!

Comes with a nicely printed set of cards on 'silk' card stock, instructions and patter lines.

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