Spooky Pencil

Spooky Pencil

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Spooky Pencil will read your spectator’s mind and then stand up and write the name of his chosen card, a word chosen from a book or even tell him how much loose change he has in his pocket!

Imagine having a card selected by a member of your audience and then taking an ordinary examinable pencil and laying it flat on a writing pad.

Suddenly and spookily the pencil stands upright and begins to write something on the pad and when it has finished it sinks down flat once again.

The pad and pencil are now handed to another member of your audience while the first person reveals the name of their chosen card for the very first time.

The writing on the pad is now checked by anyone and the spooky pencil has correctly written the name of the selected card!

Many other mysterious messages can be revealed in this way by the spooky pencil, a word chosen from a book, colours, numbers, names etc. And using your swami, even the total of change in a spectator’s pocket

Comes with the Spooky Pencil, its adjustable gimmick & instructions. Use any writing pad.

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