Murder Mysterious

Murder Mysterious

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Based on an idea by Len Belcher, explained & updated by Eddie Burke.

Three spectators are invited forwards to re-enact a dreadful murder and they decide secretly amongst themselves which one will be the witness, which will be the victim and which will be the murderer.

Each freely chooses a card with their character printed boldly upon it, which they slip, sight unseen, into their pockets. Each is given a different card with instructions on how to play their part.

Now five different cards are shown each with a picture of a weapon on it – Rope, Poison, Gun, Knife and Hammer (real items could be used in place of the cards if you wish). Each refers to their instruction card and then while your back is turned each takes the weapon according to their secret character. All the selected cards or weapons are concealed in their pockets or about their person.

You now take over the proceedings as a great detective and with notebook & pen you ask a series of comical questions to the three players noting down the answers.

Suddenly you correctly call in all the weapons and it is clear you KNOW EXACTLY who has which weapon concealed about their person.

Thus you say to one participant, “You are the witness who has the poison that could have been dropped into the victim’s whisky”, and then to another, “You had the rope that could be used to tie up the hapless victim.” Then to the third one, “You have the hammer with which could have been used to battered down the door.”

Then speeding up you point to each participant in turn crying, “You were the witness, you were the victim – and I arrest you for you the dreadful murder!” All the volunteers give up their character cards and you are seen to be 100% correct as you and your players take your well-deserved applause!

Comes with the special laminated cards, instructions, suggested routine and ideas.

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