Hare Today - Gone Tomorrow

Hare Today - Gone Tomorrow

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Hare Today – Gone Tomorrow is an exceptionally clever close-up trick using just four laminated cards, delightfully easy to perform and re-set making it perfect for table-hopping and similar events!

You show four pictures of comical-looking full colour Mad Hares each with a mop of yellow hair on their head. One is left face-up on a table and the others are turned faces down.

Using your magic Zapper (any ordinary battery torch – use your own) your spectator shines a light on the back of one hare ‘Zapping’ it! When the picture is turned over this hare has magically reduced considerably in size. A second hare picture is zapped and shrinks even smaller than the previous one.

The third hare is zapped and is reduced so small that he has disappeared completely leaving just his yellow hair behind as you quip, “Hare today – gone tomorrow!”

Only four cards are used and these can even be left for examination at the end of your performance. Easy to do!

Comes with the laminated cards (approx playing card sized), routine & instructions.

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