Copy Cats - Bicycle poker size

Copy Cats - Bicycle poker size

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Nick Trosts’ popular effect ‘Copy - Cats’- Now in Bicycle Poker Size Cards & perfect for Cloe-up Performances

Ten playing cards are dealt face down into two piles of five cards and both you and a participant each select one pile, and you both stand facing the audience; while you both shuffle your cards and then put behind your backs.

You now both secretly select a card and exchange it with the other person and then you each insert your new card face up into your face down packet.

When the two packets of cards are brought to the front and spread face down, both upturned playing card exactly match each other; for instance, two ‘Black-faced Jack of Spades’, (cards will very from set to set) an amazing coincidence! Or were all the cards the Jack of Spades? When the other six cards are turned faces upwards your audience are in for a stunning applause-pulling surprise as they are all Red-faced cards of a different suit and value!

• Only ten Bicycle cards are used in this intriguing effect.
• No sleight of hand is required.
• Two different presentations are given.

Copycats is supplied with the ten quality Bicycle cards and full instructions – you will be able to perform it straight away!

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