Pentacles of Solomon

Pentacles of Solomon

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The Pentacles demonstrate the mystic powers of these ancient inscriptions over both sceptic & believer, and prove beyond doubt any mortal selection is influenced by powers far more potent than random chance or free will!

You display seven Pentacles of Solomon, describing the mystic powers associated with them by the control of the Sun & Moon and other heavenly planets.

A spectator freely selects any one of these. You demonstrate beyond any doubt that this selection was preordained and these symbols do have an influence on one, whether sceptic or disciple!

You can also perform many marvellous mental & magical effects with the very special type of switching envelopes supplied. The construction of these envelopes is a piece of very clever “Origami”.

They appear like ordinary envelopes in every respect and are supplied in two sizes – a smaller playing card size, and a large postcard size, for use in various routines as appropriate.

The envelopes are actually made of a type of plastic (BOP) but for all the world they look like regular paper envelopes as they are made of the durable “Can't-Tear” type of ‘paper’ and so should last you for years. Though much more expensive to make than ordinary envelopes, the advantages are well worth the added expenditure.

The manuscript that is included with each set of envelopes gives not only the basic techniques, but also a few examples of a wide variety of effects that you will delight in performing with this inconspicuous but extremely versatile utility prop.

Comes complete with a set of Sam Delal Switcher Envelopes, necessary props for Chris Wardle’s ‘Pentacles of Solomon’ & instructions.

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