Adair's Cross-Over Cola

Adair's Cross-Over Cola

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You display two large printed cards - one showing the image of a FULL bottle of Cola, the other, an empty tumbler. These are placed singly into different coloured stiff envelopes which are positioned apart.

You now state that the bottle and the tumbler will magically change places, but the audience clearly see that as you display the envelopes, you suspiciously reverse them.

When the cards are now shown the filled bottle is seen where the tumbler was previously, while the tumbler is found where the bottle was.

This can be repeated a couple of times. Your audience soon catch on, and are not slow to tell you that the two cards have different images on both sides.

You now state that you will not cheat any more and you don't reverse the envelopes but the bottle & tumbler still magically change places.

However you give the game away somewhat as your audiences catch you sneakily looking at the other side of the cards; so your audience are soon demanding to know what's on the other side.

When eventually the cards are reversed the empty tumbler is filled with COLA while the Cola bottle is EMPTY; the cola liquid has magically passed from bottle to tumbler!

Comes complete with the colourful cards (approx 8.25" x 5.75"), coloured envelopes, suggested routine & instructions.

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