Utility Deck Gimmick

Utility Deck Gimmick

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An exciting Utility Gimmick that is suitable to use with any Poker sized deck of playing cards. With its help you can easily force any card of your choice on any spectator after the deck has been shuffled and cut.

Your spectator is then invited to cut the pack and remove the card at that point. It will always be the card that you wish him to take.

Or have four different spectators each cut the deck and take out that card; incredibly they each cut one of the Aces; Ace of Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs!

On the other hand you can have a card selected and replaced into the pack that is then shuffled and cut yet unbeknown to anyone the selected card is now secretly the top card of the deck ready for you to reveal in any manner you choose.

No, it is NOT a Svengali type deck that forces only the same card; you can force ANY card you wish from a deck of 52 and yes, even the Joker.

Both the faces and the backs of the cards can be clearly shown.

No crimping, no long & short, rough & smooth. No marked cards, mirrors, no finger or thumb breaks and no skill required!

Comes with the special Gimmick & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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