Incredible ESP

Incredible ESP

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A Mr E Enterprises Exclusive

Practical close-up effects in which the spectator becomes the psychic are few & far between & yet they are very popular with the general public. Consider the outstanding success of Out Of This World & similar items to give you some idea! Incredible ESP is no exception & will soon be finding pride of place in your shows.

You lay five laminated ESP cards face down explaining that these are the symbols used to test a person’s ESP abilities.

A spectator is requested to hold their hand palm down over each card in turn and use their psychic vibrations to try and guess which element is on each card as you describe them – their guesses are marked on the back of each card with a Dry Erase marking pen.

Incredible as it may seem when the spectator themselves turns over the five ESP card they have identified each and every one of the five symbols!

The five cards and pen can be left for examination and will give no clue to your mystery.

No one ahead or one behind is used.
No secret indicators or marks on the cards.
No double lifts or similar sleights.

We also explain how this fabulous effect can also be performed with the cards sealed into ordinary unfaked pay packet sized envelopes.

Very easy-to-do, you will be able to perform Incredible ESP straight away.

Comes complete with all the laminated poker sized cards, Dry Erase Pen & instructions.

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