World Wide Prediction

World Wide Prediction

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Here is something really good & positively the last word for colourful entertaining predictions!

An envelope is shown to contain a single laminated postcard-sized picture that is left in full view. Please note that it contains only one picture card.

Next you show ten further colourful pictures of various countries around the world such as Spain, France, Germany, Japan, England and so forth.

Any spectator gives you a number from one to ten or alternatively tells you the month they would like to visit their chosen destination. Either way you count down to that number or spell down a letter at a time to their favourite month and the picture arrived at is isolated as the spectator’s choice.

All the other pictures are shown to be different with no two alike and can be examined if you wish. Let us say the chosen picture is of Germany (the pictures are different each time and you do not know the selection until it is shown).

The prediction inside the envelope is now revealed and the envelope can immediately be passed for examination. When the two pictures are compared they are an exact match plus the prediction picture also says ‘Welcome to Germany’.

Easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or special skills save that of presentation. An audience-tested miracle effect that is highly recommended!

Comes complete with laminated postcard-sized picture cards, envelope & instructions.

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