Eggstra-Ordinary Miraskill

Eggstra-Ordinary Miraskill

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Based on Stuart James’ wonderful effect Miraskill. There is little doubt about it James’ Miraskill is a classic of mental magic that lends itself to so many different presentations - here is a unique one to add to your repertoire AND reputation!

Two spectators take part and each select a different colour of egg; let’s say they choose red and blue. You write a prediction which is left in full view and then show a clutch of small different coloured plastic eggs, let’s say half are RED and the other half are BLUE (colours may vary.)

All the eggs are dropped into a bag and thoroughly mixed together and then each participant takes them out two at a time.

If the colours match i.e. they are both red the spectator that requested this colour takes them. If the two eggs are blue then the other spectator takes these. In the event the two colours are mixed red and blue these are discarded.

With all the eggs distributed the two spectators each announce how many eggs each of them has and your prediction is read out loud to be absolutely correct!

Do it again? Yes! all the eggs are replaced into the bag and mixed while you write out a second prediction.

Once again the mini eggs are removed in pairs and either kept if the colours match or discarded if they mismatch and when the results are checked each spectator has yet a different number of eggs. Incredibly your second prediction is also spot on!

You can even repeat it again if you wish with yet a different result but we feel twice is sufficient leaving your audience totally baffled with this colourful eggstra-ordinary trick. Easy to do, the effect is almost self working and extremely puzzling.

Comes with all the coloured plastic eggs (approx 3cm x 2cm), bag & instructions. Use your own pen & paper for your prediction.

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