Political Prediction

Political Prediction

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No, Political Prediction is NOT a prediction concerning Donald Trump & Theresa May! It’s a practical demonstration of your amazing ability to correctly predict any possible imagined two-way event.

Your written prediction is left in the full view of the audience and never touched by you from that moment on.

You then show several laminated cards some of which have large red spots on them and the others blue spots, these are mixed together as one packet and thoroughly shuffled by any member of your audience.

Two spectators are now nominated to represent two political candidates up for election; they choose amongst themselves who will be candidate RED and who will be candidate BLUE.

The shuffled cards are dealt by any spectator, and each candidate checks for their chosen colour amongst the cards they are freely dealt by chance; the results indicating which of the two candidates has won.

Your prediction is now opened by anyone and read out loud, it exactly predicts the results of the count and winner of the election!

The outcomes can be varied for repeat bookings or to suit the politics of a particular event.

No skill save that of presentation is required as the effect is practically self-working. You could even post the prediction to the Chairman of the event days prior to your performance.

Comes with the laminated cards (approx 4” x 3.25”, 10cm x 8cm) & instructions.

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