Double Whammy

Double Whammy

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An EXCITING double prediction. Your prediction envelope is left in full view and never touched by you again.

A deck of red backed playing cards is introduced. Two spectators each think of a number and these are used to select two cards from the pack; one by counting from the top of the face down deck and the other by counting from the bottom of the face up deck.

The two cards selected are placed in full view of everyone; one is face down and the other face up.

Anyone now opens your prediction to find a single card inside which has a BLUE back. The envelope can be immediately examined and is completely unfaked.

The face up selected card is turned over and it also has a BLUE back matching your prediction card; the spectator has chosen the only blue backed card in the red backed deck.

Anyone can examine the pack & no other blue backed cards are present.

No rough & smooth or fake cards.

The other face down selected card is turned face upwards by anyone, let us say it’s the Queen of Hearts. Your face down blue backed prediction card is also turned face upwards and is an exact match!

Everything can be left for examination, no switching of the selected cards or the prediction card. Very easy to do. No fake cards are used.

Comes with instructions. Use your own red backed deck, and any two blue backed cards, which can be changed for repeat performances, & any envelope.

Post FREE in the UK. Overseas to save you extra for postage Double Whammy can be sent directly to your inbox to read or print off yourself. If you prefer the printed copy by airmail then please include an extra £3.00 for postage.

Only £7.99

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