Jumbo Four Aces

Jumbo Four Aces

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Possibly the BEST method for this classic of card magic!

Four jumbo-sized Aces are displayed in a row faces upwards, then twelve faces down cards are counted, three cards onto each Ace; no false counts, sleights or anything similar.

A pile of four cards are chosen and placed to one side or they can be slipped into an unfaked envelope and held by a member of the audience.

One by one the other three Aces vanish from their respective piles, leaving twelve jumbo cards with not an Ace to be found.

When the fourth isolated pile is checked, by a member of your audience if you wish, all four Aces have magically transferred into this isolated pile!

Comes with sixteen specially printed, laminated jumbo-sized playing cards (approx 4” x 5.75”) & instructions.

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