Magician's Net Bag & Close-up Surface

Magician's Net Bag & Close-up Surface

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This handy Magician’s Net Bag is ideal for close-up or stage. Folds up small to carry in your pocket & is ready to use whenever you perform!

Durable and hard wearing.

This lightweight bag can be held stretched out between two spectators making a flat see-through surface on which you can perform with cards, coins, sponge balls etc.

Or open the zip and have a spectator or your lovely assistant hold it as a bag for you to drop cards and other properties inside, such as when you eliminate cards or when performing effects similar to the popular Six-Card Repeat.

When your trick is finished simply close the zip and drop the bag safely into your briefcase or upon your table.

Net Bag (approx 40cm x 31cm, 15.75" x 11.75") with useful zip fastener.

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