Thought Reflection

Thought Reflection

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Eddie Joseph’s brilliant Thought Reflection is just as strong today as when he first released it through Max Andrews many years ago.

Mentalism is today’s miracles and here is a one-man mental effect which is completely out of the ordinary. There is nothing to remember and no long and arduous study involved.

From the onlookers’ point of view this is the nearest approach to genuine mindreading, and was one of Joseph’s favourite presentations.

You introduce Thought Reflection by stating that ordinarily, anyone can see a reflection of an image or object when cast upon a looking glass. But only the clairvoyant mind can see the physical reflection of anyone’s hidden thoughts.

Tests are now carried out in your absence. Firstly you borrow several articles from those present and place them upon a table. Several people will be required to walk up to the table and each pick up an object, hiding it in their pocket.

Additionally, you can ask several people to assume a different fictitious identity such as Shakespeare’s characters Hamlet, King Lear, Juliet and such like.

Then you absent yourself from the room. Without asking a single question you delineate with remarkable accuracy the name each person has selected, and the article each has in his pocket!

There are so many different effects which you can present after you learn the clever fundamental principle, there are endless possibilities and opportunities for presentation, once you understand the ingenious secret upon which Thought Reflection depends.

No matter whether or not you have done a mental act before you will be able to walk into any place for the first time & dumbfound everyone leaving no clue behind you!

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