Star Prediction

Star Prediction

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A fantastic close-up prediction effect that is always ready to perform.

You tell of your interest in the silver screen and offer to show the audience a picture of your favourite film star; this turns out to be a blank white laminated card – which you explain is a picture of “The Invisible Man!”

Following the groan that this produces you explain that your real favourite is on the reverse of the card and you don’t wish the audience to see it as yet, so you lay it down blank side uppermost in full view.

Next you show several smaller laminated cards each of which has the name of a well-known star printed on it – names such as Cary Grant, Diana Dors and so forth. These are freely and genuinely mixed and shuffled – then some are turned face downwards and mixed with the others that are still face upwards. The spectator turns the name card packet with either side upwards and then spreads or fans them out.
All the face down cards now being eliminated. This process of elimination is continued until just one card is left face up – let us say that it is the name ‘Marilyn Monroe’. Any spectator turns over the picture that has been lying face down in full view throughout the effect – it is a colour picture of Marilyn Monroe at the height of her fame and beauty!

The prediction picture can be changed to another star's name for repeat performances.

Yes, it is a new dressing for our effect ‘The Impossible Predicta Coin’ but using the glamorous and alluring theme of film stars. Predicta Coin has proven such a winner over many years since Eddie first released this in the 1960’s that we just had to produce a suitable sequence with a different theme.

Star Prediction comes complete with laminated cards & pictures all ready for you to perform. Very Easy To Do!

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