Cubio Jumbo - Wood

Cubio Jumbo - Wood

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You hold a string vertically by both its ends and make a wooden Cube slide down along it.

Then, as a member of the audience says, "Stop!" the Cube magically stops during its fall and stays hanging challenging the laws of gravity!

Next they say "Go" and the Cube continues sliding down the cord!

This amazing feat can be repeated any number of times. Or use it to reveal the name of a chosen playing card stopping one for hearts, twice for spades, three times for clubs or four times for diamonds.

The the next slide it stops for the number of pips on the freely chosen card.

The Cube can be examined between revealing the suit and the value without a clue how it works.

Instant set-up. Can be handed out for examination, and this is what makes everything even more mysterious as layman will NEVER manage to repeat the trick.

Comes with Cube (approx 2", 4.5cm square) with four side faces printed with the four poker suits, & instructions.

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