Perfect Prediction

Perfect Prediction

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If any magical card prediction could be called perfect, then this would be the one!

You show a small envelope that is placed in the centre of a table or held by a spectator where everyone can clearly see it.

A regular deck of playing cards is now introduced and these are shuffled and then the spectator forms two face down piles of cards using as many cards as he desires.

The spectator then turns over two cards so their faces are uppermost, let’s say these two cards are the Jack of Spades and the Ten of Hearts. You now point out that these two cards can easily form two other cards by using the suit of one and the value of the other, thus these two cards could make the Jack of Hearts or the Ten of Spades.

Any spectator decides which way the cards should be formed and let’s say he chooses the Ten of Spades, you remind him he can change his mind if he so wishes but he decides to keep to the Ten of Spades.

The envelope is now opened (and can be examined) and shown to contain one single card – it is his TEN OF SPADES!

•Use your own deck of playing cards.
•Envelope is completely unfaked.
•Only one card is in the envelope.
•Can be repeated using different cards.
•Easy to do requiring no skill save presentation.
•Can also be performed using your own regular wallet so doing away with the envelope.

Comes with the special something’s that does the trick for you & instructions.

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