Bunny Rabbit - A4 GIANT size

Bunny Rabbit - A4 GIANT size

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You introduce a picture of “Bunny Rabbit” a cute little fellow who loves carrots and is indeed crunching one in the picture.

You also show three other picture cards each showing a bunch of carrots Bunny has purchased from a local supermarket.

In an effort to stop Bunny eating too many carrots, one carrot bunch is slipped inside an envelope (or folder) for your dinner later, which is then left in full view.

The other two carrot pictures, together with a picture of Bunny, now feature in a little game of ‘Find Bunny Rabbit’ during which Bunny somehow manages to vanish without a trace! It’s most amazing.

Where can he be? Suddenly both you and your young audience hear a sort of crunching sound coming from the envelope containing the extra carrots, your audience encourage you to take a look, so timidly you do so, only to find to your amazement inside is missing Bunny Rabbit!

“Has he eaten all the carrots?”

The children tell you that there is another card peeping out of the envelope and so you hope this is the missing carrots – but no, it’s a card telling you that all the carrots have GONE! And you now show that there is nothing left inside the envelope, which can be dramatically torn to pieces if you so wish.

However, the children insist on seeing the other side of the ‘GONE’ card leading into the usual “turn it around business” – but when you do show them, there is still no sign of the carrots, just a “something” that guarantees you a finish to this entertaining routine on lots of applause! (Sorry, in fairness to the people who purchase this, we cannot reveal this finish here, sufficient to say it’s a natural applause-pulling climax!)

Comes with laminated giant sized picture cards (A4), large envelope, routine & instructions.

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