Psycho Symbol

Psycho Symbol

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The most fantastic mental symbol duplication effect ever!
If you are looking for a hard-hitting mindreading effect that is easy-to-do and suitable for any performing situation, close-up, cabaret or stage then look no further – you have found it!

You show a number of laminated cards approx 4”x 5 1/2” each of which has a different symbol boldly printed in black on each side. There are sixteen different symbols in all – none of them are duplicated.

Any spectator, no stooge or confederate, mixes and shuffles the symbols together in their own hands and while your back is turned eliminates the cards until only one card remains. They then concentrate on either of the two symbols on that card – immediately and still with your back turned you can either describe the symbol they are concentrating on or reproduce that very symbol on an unfaked pad or board!

No mirrors, secret messages or anything similar are used.
A second participant now mixes and shuffles the symbols to their heart’s content – and you secretly draw something on your pad or board, which you then leave in full view and never touch again. The second participant also eliminates cards one by one until only one is left (even behind her back if you so wish) – one of the symbols on this card is shown and anyone picks up your prediction and show that you have correctly drawn that very self-same symbol boldly on your pad or board!

The cards and in fact everything can be thoroughly examined by your audience without a clue to how you did it, the only conclusion they can come to is that you must have read or controlled their minds!

Comes complete with laminated symbols that with care will last you a lifetime plus full routine & instructions.

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