Mice & Cheese Mystery

Mice & Cheese Mystery

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Offering to perform, “the great Mice & Cheese Mystery” you show four A5 size laminated pictures of cheese and also a further picture of an appealing mouse.

One cheese is slipped inside a window envelope and left in full view at all times and you proceed to accomplish your mystery - but something has gone wrong and the mouse picture has vanished without a trace.

Fortunately you have another mouse picture as a standby and the trick can carry on using this, but calamity strikes again and this mouse also disappears.

Yet again you start with another spare mouse and yes this one also disappears - where can they all be going?

With no mice left, the trick is abandoned and you decide that you will comfort yourself by eating a small piece of the delicious-looking cheese still on display through the window in the envelope.

However, when the picture is removed the mystery of the missing mice is solved, this time it is your special cheese that has vanished and in its place are the three missing rodents all with smiles on their faces; having enjoyed nibbling your cheese!

Mice & Cheese Mystery is a charming comical effect suitable for all ages and is very easy to do. The pictures supplied are most appealing and with care will give you a lifetime of continual use.

Comes complete with all the A5 sized picture cards, special envelope, entertaining routine & instructions.

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