Prizes & Surprises

Prizes & Surprises

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A Mr E Exclusive Comedy Magical Routine:

This has to be one of the funniest and most commercial items I have ever released to the magical fraternity!

An audience member has earned himself a surprise gift by helping you with a trick or perhaps it is the birthday boy or girl.

You introduce five laminated A6 sized prize cards, each of which you claim has a suitable prize & picture on one side and a lucky word on the opposite side, such as Magic, Stars and so on.

The participant freely shuffles and mixes the cards.

You further explain that the words will be used in turn to eliminate four of the prizes and the participant will receive the prize indicated on the last card.

The first four cards are chosen one-by-one by pure chance, and when you show these eliminated prizes you insist what marvellous, useful prizes they are, but the participant will thank their lucky stars they didn’t win one - the laughs come thick and fast during this hilarious sequence.

Eventually, the participant is left with a final prize card that he timidly turns over to find he has won a very satisfactory prize indeed, and will leave the performance area with the rest of the audience’s enthusiastic applause!

The eliminated prizes don’t materialise, but you supply the final prize, which can be anything from a small box of prettily-wrapped chocolates, a balloon model or even a major present purchased by parents, friends or colleagues on special occasions such as engagements, birthdays and weddings.

How many times have you been asked to present a major gift during your show, such as a bicycle to a child or a fur coat to the birthday lady? This is the perfect way to do so in a really entertaining manner and you don’t have to be a comedian to present it – this terrific routine takes care of that for you.

This is a wonderful routine for when the organiser of a function wants a little extra time from you, carry it in your pocket or briefcase and it is always ready to perform.

Highly recommended!

Comes with the A6 pocket-sized prize cards, routine & instructions.

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