Dual Cardology

Dual Cardology

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Dual Cardology is a clever routine that will put laughter and fun into all your shows be they close-up, parlour, stage or television.

You show two jumbo sized (A5) cards as your predictions and leave them back outwards in full view.

Two spectators now each select a playing card from your regular deck and you claim these will match your two prediction cards.

You ask one participant to exactly halve the value of her chosen card and the other participant to double the value of his card; claiming your two prediction cards will exactly match the new cards arrived at.

In turn both spectators reveal their two new value cards and it appears you have got your mathematics wrong as it is obvious there are no such playing cards.

However despite these difficulties and to everyone’s utter astonishment and delight; your two prediction cards turn up triumphs and exactly match these strange calculations in both cases!

Dual Cardology is great entertainment and will add some fun and laughter to your act. Carry it flat in your pocket or briefcase all ready to perform and make a big impression in your show. Dead easy to do!

Comes complete with the two Jumbo laminated prediction cards, routine & instructions. Use your own regular deck of playing cards.

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